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Recycled laminated studs

We collect the scraps from the pre-cut and sawmill factories, process these woods, and recycle them as house feather materials and building materials.
Wood, which is not a raw material in the manufacturing process, is used in other industries as a raw material for paper, bedding for livestock, and fuel for industrial machinery.


Gang ripper

Mills such as columns and beams discharged from pre-cut factories and sawmills are vertically pulled to a certain thickness and ground into small pieces.

Finger joint

The timbers of the same tree species are vertically connected by a joining method called finger joint. In this process, we are working on cutting tools that cut fingers so as not to impair the appearance and strength, and technologies that do not make us conscious of regeneration in the joint bonding technology.


The timber that has been jointed and cut into a certain length is cut with a moulder machine on a wide surface of the material, and finished neatly so that there is no cutting separation in the next process.


Apply adhesive to a wide area of ​​wood, stack the specified number of sheets, and then apply pressure to the materials to bond them together.

Planar gang

Finally, the gang is split perpendicularly to the stacking direction of the studs, the plate surface is cut again, and the surface is adjusted to complete the product.

Furniture production

We also reuse the scraps that are produced when pre-cutting building materials for homes, and make tables, chairs, and shelves.
We provide products that meet the needs of customers by combining the types and sizes of wood.

Business Outline(About Us?)Laminated WoodLVLPrecutRecyclePurchase.DivArchitect・CAD.DivLogisticsEnvironmental Initiatives