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At First Wood hires talented people from all over the world, regardless of nationality or gender.

Global Employee Vol.5

T. K.(from Vietnam)

CAD Center, Tokyo Office

I decided to join because I believe in the future of wood as a construction material


Out of all the materials that exist, wood is the most suitable as a construction material, because it is not only light in weight but also very strong.
I feel that wood can reach its true potential by an innovative processing technology, which is why I decided to join First Wood.

First Wood engages itself to fight against climate change

The earth is crying out for help.
First Wood is helping the environment by researching small-scale forestry and upcycling leftover wood into furniture. I am very grateful to be able to learn about processing wood in a sustainable way and to also do my part in the prevention of global warming. I firmly believe that this way, we can contribute to creating a better environment.


Designing safe, high performance buildings

My job is to create the structural plans with CAD software according to the building plans received from the client. The knowledge I am gaining now, will be useful later when I become a construction site supervisor in the future, managing the construction schedule and budgets. My goal is building high performance buildings that are also very safe, for example structures that can withstand earthquakes or heavy snow loads.


Fulfilling my dreams together with passionate people

There is a limit to what one person can do on their own. At First Wood, my supervisors and coworkers are very friendly. With the right amount of passion and taking responsibility over one’s work, we can all work together to realize our dreams.