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At First Wood hires talented people from all over the world, regardless of nationality or gender.

Global Employee Vol.1

S. D.(from Russia)

Tokyo office, Purchasing Departmentt

Becoming a bridge between First Wood and the world


I became interested in wood when I was a university student in Russia. I started a part-time job at a company affiliated with of Iida Group Holdings and there I learned about First Wood. I have lived half of my life in Russia and the other half in Japan. Since First Wood is promoting the overseas business development including Russia, I felt eager to join.

My dream is to build my own house

When I joined, I was assigned to the CAD section. Here I was in charge of the wooden framing in 3D for houses built all over Japan and some in Russia. Currently, I belong to the Purchasing Department, where I am involved in importing lumber and purchasing plus sales on the domestic market. Since I often go out to the port, construction sites, our factories, etc., I have the opportunity to actually see, touch, and learn about wood. First Wood is active in many fields such as a wood processing, engineering, sales, logistics, furniture and recycling wood waste.
It’s possible to acquire a wide range of knowledge thanks to the close interaction between the different departments. I could learn about engineering, the condition of the lumber market and trading for example. I can use this knowledge to accomplish my dream: building my own house.


Continuous growth of the overseas business,
opportunity for an international experience

There are employees of various nationalities not only in the Tokyo sales office, but also in the factories. Even when our background is different, we have two things in common: we all like Japan and we are interested in wood.
Throughout the different departments, we are in close contact with Russia, Europe, Southeast Asia, China, and son on. The overseas business will grow further in the future with the work environment becoming more international. In sum, First Wood will become a place where people interested in international business can play an active role.


The housing/construction industry will always play a big role as long as humans live

Global warming has to be handled on a global scale, not just in Japan. The amount of carbon dioxide emitted per house during construction is 61 tons for a reinforced concrete structure, 54 tons for a steel structure, and 32 tons for a wooden structure. This means that wooden construction methods will become important all over the world in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. First Wood will make use of this opportunity to contribute to the global housing industry even more.