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At First Wood hires talented people from all over the world, regardless of nationality or gender.

Global Employee Vol.5

C. S.(from South Korea)

Marketing Department, Tokyo Office

For the future of the earth


First Wood’s actions for the environment include, for example, supporting small-scale low-impact forestry. Dead trees that are not able to store CO2 anymore need to be cut down, and First Wood thinks of ways to make use of them together with the wood waste from their factories.
Environmental issues have interested me since I was a student, and my dream was finding a job where I can make a difference. I think I might have found it: First Wood! We support sustainable small-scale forestry and we design products from our wood waste, such as furniture.

A company where people from all over the world gather to work together

Countries will need to work cross-border in order to combat climate change. The First Wood Tokyo office is a multi-cultural environment: I have coworkers from all over Asia and Europe. Even with different backgrounds, everyone is working towards the same goal: protecting the earth.


A work environment where you can fulfill your dreams

The most important thing for a good work environment is communication. At First Wood, the communication style is generally open and friendly, and all employees are encouraged to actively participate and express their opinion.


Connecting First Wood with the world

I am currently in charge of the social media channels (mainly instagram and twitter) for our furniture business. All the social media teams regularly gather, and I can help where needed. My goal is to be a bridge between First Wood and the world, by writing online about our activities as a company.