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Business Outline

Business Outline(Aboutus?)Laminated WoodLVLPrecutRecyclePurchase.DivArchitect・CAD.DivLogisticsEnvironmental Initiatives
Business Outline

Business Outline(About us?)

First Wood Corporation supplies over 46,000 homes a year to Japan’s housing supply market As a member of the Iida Group Holdings (listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange), the No. 1 wood importer and manufacturer Processing.
Our business ranges from the production of laminated wood, LVL, and pre-cutting to the processing of recycled products, and our total annual production capacity is approximately 2,000 tons. The production volume is 186,000 ㎥ of laminated wood and 144,000 ㎥ of LVL, and pre-cutting is 621,000 ㎥ of structure, It has more than 600 square meters and 360,000 square meters of hagara.
We manufacture high quality residential building materials with consideration for the environment and strict manufacturing process control, and have established a high With our logistics system, we deliver to home builders all over the country.



The First Wood Group has six domestic manufacturing and processing plants (two in Fukui Prefecture, one in Tochigi Prefecture and one in Japan). (2 in Aomori Prefecture and 1 in Chiba Prefecture).

The Fukui, Ono and Moka factories, which are the main factories, produce laminated wood, with pre-cutting processing at their main factories The first two are performed at Fukui and Ono factories.
We recycle wood at the Katori factory.

Business Outline(Aboutus?)Laminated WoodLVLPrecutRecyclePurchase.DivArchitect・CAD.DivLogisticsEnvironmental Initiatives