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At First Wood hires talented people from all over the world, regardless of nationality or gender.

Global Employee Vol.1

K. M.(from Tajikistan)

Tokyo office, Purchasing Department

A curious and challenging mindset will lead to knowledge and a sense of fulfillment


I majored in linguistics at university: Japanese, English and Russian. First Wood is a global company that imports lumber from Northern Europe, Russia, North America, and other countries.

Guidance by your seniors and personal growth

In the Purchasing Department, I’m in charge of the transportation of raw materials, compiling the lamina data (by length) and updating the sales numbers of laminated wood. Your seniors will provide guidance so you can work with peace of mind. I will focus on my growth so I can be of help for my seniors later.


Fulfilling friendships between colleagues and learning about wood

There is a friendly atmosphere at work and thanks to the interaction between the departments, there are many opportunities to work with people on all different levels. Every day is exciting because the employees working at First Wood all have a unique personality or story to tell. When I joined the company, I was worried about my lack of knowledge in the field, but thanks to training at the factory I was able to learn about the different types of wood, wood as a construction material, manufacturing techniques and processes, and so on.


By using forests sustainably, we combat global warming

Sustainable forest management and prevention of land degradation (both SDG’s), have great significance not only in Japan but also in the rest of the world. First Wood aims to make appropriate use of these forests (both domestic and foreign). This way, we play a role in the prevention of global warming.